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Issue 20, December 2019

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As Christmas carols begin playing in public places in Singapore, it won’t be long before we are reminded once more of the Christmas theme of Emmanuel—God with us.

Yet, as we read the stories in this issue of CHORUS, we discover that it is not only at Christmas time that we encounter “God with us, revealed in us”. Indeed, it is when we look back at the days and years of our walk with Him, that we see that He has been there with us all along.

This issue of CHORUS continues our COR Stories as part of our 40th Anniversary theme of “Many Stories, One Destiny”. Like our previous edition, we discover more about our COR members’ journey of faith as it intertwines ours. We learn more about how they came to be part of our COR family, appreciate the challenges they had to overcome in their personal faith journey, and grow alongside them in their service to God in our community.

We hope that these stories will resonate with you and that you may also discover God’s presence and blessings in your life. The articles in this issue include:

  1. Church Camp, June 2019 - Many Stories, One Destiny

  2. Strengthen, Stretch & Spread

  3. United Generations!

  4. Easter and Anniversary Celebrations

  5. Medical Mission Trip

  6. VBS Mission Trip: Cambodia

  7. Story 25: Ng Ruijie

  8. Story 26: Serene Lim

  9. Story 27: Karen Choo

  10. Story 28: Charlotte Lim

  11. Story 29: Hiong Yee & Siew Ping

  12. Story 30: Jasmine Li

  13. Story 31: Benjamin Tan

  14. Story 32: Lydia Tan

  15. Story 33: Veronica Lee

  16. Story 34: Pamela Goh

  17. Story 35: Yashab

  18. Story 36: Samantha Ng & Nicole Ng

  19. Story 37: Denver Moses

  20. Story 38: Cynthia Chua

  21. Story 39: Gabriel Choo

  22. Story 40: Carrie Tan

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