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Resurrection Sunday is, fittingly, the birthday of the Chapel of the Resurrection (COR). This year, the church celebrated its 40th anniversary in a big way. Revisit the highlights of that day in this photo montage. 每年的复活节主日也是复活堂庆生之日。今年,教会欢度了一个盛大的40周年庆祝。让我们透过照片剪辑重温当天的花絮。

We began the day by gathering, as we always do, around the Lord’s Table in the SAJC Cultural Centre to proclaim and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. A combined band from the English and Chinese Congregations led us in worship, aided by the dancers. In his sermon, Rev David spoke about how the risen Christ met Mary Magdalene at her darkest moment. The encounter transformed her. “Today, many people are still encountering the risen Christ. Jesus is still sending men and women as He sent Mary. 40 years ago, our pioneer generation heard the call to go and make Christ known… Today they are still serving faithfully. 40 years on, God is looking for a new generation to embrace this same calling.” 当天,一如往常,我们聚集在圣安德烈初级学院的文化中心,在主的圣桌前,一同宣告欢庆我主耶稣基督的复活。由英文和中文部的敬拜团队与舞蹈员联合带领我们敬拜。

李炳煌牧正在证道时分享到复活的耶稣向生命正处于黑暗的抹大拉的马利亚显现。这个经历转化了她的一生。“今天,仍然有许多人的生命经历到复活的基督。耶稣怎样差遣了马利亚,如今祂也照样差遣众人。四十年前,我们的建国一代回应了上帝的呼召去传扬基督... 今天四十年后,他们仍然忠心地服事。上帝正在寻找新的一代起来拥抱同样的呼召。”

"Today, as you contemplate the mysteries of the resurrection, will you say ‘yes’ to Jesus, like Mary did at the tomb that first Easter morning?" "今天,当你思想复活的奥秘, 你是否会对耶稣说"是", 正如马利亚在第一个复活节的早晨 在坟墓前作出同样的回应?"

The Chongs, representing in one family four generations of COR, led us in a litany of praise and dedication. One generation shall proclaim Your works to another, they shall speak of Your mighty acts. 张氏家族,代表了复活堂四代同堂,带领我们一同向神献上颂赞。这代要对那代颂赞你的作为,也要传扬你的大能。

40 years ago, Canon James Wong received a vision of a ship sailing out of a dry dock and into the heartlands. On Easter Sunday, he reminded us of that vision, calling the church to

bring the light of the Gospel into the darkness around us.


Bishop Rennis prayed for us: “May Almighty God set you apart; anoint and supply you with the oil of the Holy Spirit; for the proclamation of the Gospel through Christ’s loving service in the school, communities and the nations; from generation to generation.”

Though we are many, we are one body, because we all share in one bread.

潘仁义主教的祷告: “愿全能的上帝使你们分别为圣;赐你们圣灵的膏油膏抹你;使你们能够透过基督爱的服事将福音带到学府,社区及国家,一代复一代。”我们虽多,却是一个身体,因为我们同享一个饼。

After Easter Service, we gathered at SAFRA Toa Payoh for a sumptuous lunch! We watched a video setting out COR’s history through the stories of different members, and then listened to Bishop’s address to us.

“Launch out into the deep!” In his address, Bishop Rennis said that COR was built as an ocean liner, and urged us to go further and not hug the shoreline. 复活节崇拜后,我们聚集在大巴窑 SAFRA 享用丰盛的午宴。我们观赏了一个视频,透过会友的故事回顾复活堂过去的历史,然后聆听主教的致词。

“开往水深之处!” 在他的致词里,潘主教提到复活堂是一艘邮轮,他敦促我们要勇往直前,不要驻守在海岸线。

We were entertained by our engaging hosts - Aloysius Ng and Ethan Yeo, who were assisted by their junior hosts, Gordon and Benjamin. There was a series of fun table games, a photo booth, and another video bringing greetings from clergy who had served in COR before.

The lunch ended with everyone enjoying an Awfully Chocolate birthday cake. 当天由 Aloysius Ng 和 Ethan Yeo,和他们的小搭档,Gordon 和 Benjamin, 为大家带来即兴和余兴的节目。当天节目还包括好玩的座位游戏,照相棚,和观赏另一个视频,由曾在复活堂服事的牧者们所献上的贺词。

午宴的尾声是大 家一同享用著名品牌的生日蛋糕。

Happy Birthday COR!


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