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VBS Mission Trip: Cambodia

Updated: Oct 27, 2020


The Vacation Bible School trip in September was the first time I went on a mission trip. As such, this trip enlightened me on the current situation of the people in Cambodia and how the children were carrying on with their lives. At first, I felt helpless because I had no idea how I could help the children in any way possible. However, I realised that the least I could do was to play with them a game of catch or even five stones, which were picked from the ground. This trip has taught me how fortunate the children in Singapore are and how to be grateful for everything we are given, especially the comfort we have now. Even if we are not called to go on mission trips, we can still do the work of God here in our country and in our daily lives by loving our neighbours and caring for them.

假期圣经学院 - 柬埔寨宣教之旅


DORA worships at Saturday Praise Service, and serves both in the music and dance ministry. She is also a member of the basketball team in her school.


This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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