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Story 30: Jasmine Li

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


I started attending the youth service at COR in 2001, during my second year in SAJC. Zane was my mentor then. Prior to that, I was involved in the Crossroads Ministry.

I had accepted Jesus as my Saviour when I was in secondary school and was looking for a church family to call home. However, being able to attend Sunday services was a huge challenge for me at that time. It seemed (and still is) like a huge step of faith amidst the fear of my parents’ disapproval and criticisms of church and Christians. In spite of my fear then, Zane encouraged me to shine for God. I remember putting my trust in God and praying hard that I would find favour with my parents. And indeed, God has shown me much grace. Although my parents were still quietly upset with my decision and worried if I was being misled by others, our daily conversations were not filled with harsh words, nor did we break out quarrelling when we talked to one another.

I’m also thankful that over the years, God has softened my parents’ hearts and I have had the freedom to serve and grow in COR. I felt especially blessed when my parents attended my baptism at the old sanctuary in Malan Road. It was a small victory to see God’s faithfulness at work in changing their hearts and attitudes and restoring our relationship.

My hope for COR is that we will always be a living church even though we may reside in a National Heritage building. May we be a conduit of life and hope to our community in Singapore and the world. May we always seek to reach out to our family and loved ones and bring them into God’s eternal kingdom.

在2001年, 当我还在圣安德烈初级学院修读第二年时,我开始参加复活堂的青少年聚会。那时,Zane姊妹是我的属灵导师。在这之前,我也参与了 ‘Crossroads’ 事工。

我是在中学时期接受主耶稣成为我的救主,之后也在寻找一间像‘家’一样温暖的教会。对我而言,能够参与主日崇拜是一项巨大的挑战,是处在父母反对的恐惧中,及可能会面对教会与信徒的批评下,需要跨出一大步信心的考研。尽管当时仍有畏惧,Zane 姊妹鼓励我要继续为上帝发光。还记得那时,我凭着对上帝的信心,不断向上帝祈祷能在我父母面前蒙恩惠。上帝的恩典果然彰显在我身上。虽然我的父母仍不赞同我的决定,且担心我会被其他信主的人误导,但我们平时对话时,并没有加重语气,或因此而吵架。

我很感恩,这么多年来,上帝一直在我父母的心里动工,软化他们的心,让我能够在复活堂里自由地侍奉和成长。他们甚至愿意出席我在位于Malan Road的圣殿里所举行的洗礼,实在让我感到无比的蒙福!这是个小小的得胜,看到上帝信实地在他们心里运行, 逐渐改变他们的态度, 并修复我们之间的关系。


This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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