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Story 25: Ng Ruijie

Updated: Oct 27, 2020


I was 15 when I came to COR with my family in 1999. My aunty had brought me to Sunday School at Church of the Good Shepherd (COGS) in 1996, and after that my family slowly came to the Lord through much interaction with church members.

However, COGS is a Chinese church and we were looking for an English congregation to attend. At a gathering, my parents got to know David and Happy Sum and they invited us to COR. In addition, my mom came to Christ through Canon James Wong's ministry at Raffles Place, where she worked at that time.

I stayed in COR because of all the friendships and relationships built up over the years, which are difficult to replace especially those built up from the cell group and ministry.

Right now, I serve in the Worship Ministry of SWS as part of the sound crew. I chose this ministry because it was a natural extension of my job as an engineer. Also, it has been the ministry I have been serving in since I was 16 back in the old Youth Service.

A memorable part of my time in COR was the outreach events and trips to Batam with Uncle Subas. We once went to Baloi Kolam, a poor area of Batam, where a church had been set up near a cemetery where a large community lives. We visited a family with four children that lived near the church. They lived in really bad conditions; they did not have proper flooring and the zinc roof was leaky. We prayed for the family and blessed them with some money. That trip made me realize that even though Singapore is not perfect, we are really greatly blessed where we are.


然而,善牧堂是一间华文教会,而我与家人则希望在一间英文堂聚会。通过某个聚会,我的父母亲认识了David和Happy Sum。他们邀请我们去了复活堂,而我的母亲也因为在职场参加了Canon James Wong 在Raffle Place所办的服侍,从而接受了主。



我在复活堂印象深刻的经历是与Uncle Subas到巴淡岛参加的几次接触活动。有一次,我们一起去了巴淡岛一个很贫困的地区,叫Baloi Kolam。在Baloi Kolam靠近一座坟墓,住着很多人的地区里有一间教会。我们在那间教会附近,探访了一户育有四名孩童的家庭。他们房屋简陋,屋子没有地砖,屋顶漏水,生活环境很差。我们为那户家庭祝福祷告,并给了他们一些爱心奉献。那次的探访让我深深地感受到,我们生长在新加坡,虽然不完美,但已经是很蒙福了。

Ruijie worships in SWS and serves in the Worship Ministry as part of the sound team.


This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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