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Story 34: Pamela Goh

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


I started attending COR regularly at the start of 2018, after marrying Amos Cai in 2017. I used to attend Paya Lebar Methodist Church (PLMC), but after considering Amos' responsibilities in COR and his desire to continue serving here, Amos and I decided to begin our next phase of life in COR. COR is a much smaller congregation than my previous church, so it feels like everyone knows each other here. Amos' cell group, El Shaddai, helped to ease me into the church. What also eased the transition was when Rev David came, at my mother-in-law's invitation, to visit my dad in the last week of his life. I didn't know him then, but I really appreciated what he did. Later on when I joined COR and realised he was becoming the Vicar, that helped me feel more connected to COR as well. I joined the Worship Ministry because I served in PLMC's worship ministry for 15 years. I was actually praying about whether I should serve again in the same area or try out other ministries, and God really laid it on my heart to continue serving Him in this ministry. When I joined the Worship Ministry, I had intended to serve as a vocalist, so I was surprised when Kelvin asked me to be a worship leader. I felt apprehensive about being in a new team and being new to the congregation. But as I prayed, God really spoke, telling me that He would teach me something new if I left behind the old. So I am excited and looking forward to that, in this new season of my life.

在2017年,我与我的先生 Amos Cai 结婚后,便在2018年开始固定出席复活堂的聚会。我原本是在巴耶黎峇卫理公会聚会,但考虑到先生在复活堂的服侍和他想继续服侍的意愿,我和先生决定留在复活堂开始我们人生的下一个阶段。 复活堂和我之前的教会比起来规模小了许多,所以感觉大家都互相认识,很亲切。我先生的小家,伊勒沙代,帮助我很容易地融入于复活堂的教会生活。其次就是Reverend David。他应我岳母的邀求,在我父亲临终的最后一个星期来探望我父亲。我当时还不认识Reverend David,但我十分感激他为我父亲所做的。后来,我来到了复活堂聚会,并发现Reverend David将成为牧政时,我对复活堂就添加了那份归属感。 我在复活堂参加了敬拜事工,因为我之前在巴耶黎峇卫理公会的敬拜事工已服侍了15年。其实,我为了应不应该继续在敬拜事工服侍或者尝试其他的服侍这件事上做了祷告,而神确实感动了我,叫我继续留在敬拜事工上服侍祂。 起初,我原本只打算成为伴唱,所以当Kelvin叫我主领时,我感到非常胆怯害怕,因为既是新的堂会又是新的服侍团队。但是当我向神祷告时,上帝真的对我说话了。祂告诉我如果我放下旧我,祂会给我新的启示。 所以,在这新的人生阶段,我是很兴奋又期待。

This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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