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Story 29: Hiong Yee & Siew Ping

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


The Beginning

Both Siew Ping and I were SAJC students. It was definitely the Lord’s hand that brought us to the college, where we experienced the love of God for the first time at the weekly chapel sessions, and accepted Him into our lives. This marked the start of our faith journey with Him.

We had known each other since our SAJC days, but it was God who made our paths cross during one of the alumni gatherings. As singles, we desired to serve Him faithfully in our own capacities (Siew Ping previously attended Faith Community Baptist Church). Looking back at how the Lord brought us together, we can only marvel at His perfect timing and plan for our lives when our eyes are fixed on Him.

2013 COR Family Camp

After we were married in 2011, Siew Ping joined me in COR. One of the most memorable experiences we had in COR was when I became the 2013 Family Camp Commandant. Although the work and responsibilities were overwhelming at times, we give thanks that everything turned out well, and that all the different COR congregations were able to come together as a big family. Siew Ping also got to know more COR members, especially those from other congregations. Significantly, it was during the camp that the Lord spoke to Aunty Suat Ngoh to pray with Siew Ping for a baby soon. The following year, Deborah was born. Praise God for His goodness!

His Love Covers and Delivers

As new parents, we experienced challenges in raising Deborah and serving God at the same time. However, the SPS community is ever willing to lend a helping hand when the need arises. Looking ahead, there are bound to be more life challenges as a family, but we trust God will cover and deliver us for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.



虽然我们在初级学院时期已经彼此认识,但在一次的校友聚会里,却是上帝使我们的生命相互有了交叉。单身时期,我们都渴慕尽自己的才干与能力,忠心地服侍上帝 (秀萍之前是参与坚信浸信教会的崇拜)。在我们回顾上帝如何把我们结合在一起时,不禁赞叹,当我们不住地定睛在祂身上,上帝在我们生命中成就事情的时间和计划是何等的奇妙!


我们在2011年结为夫妻后,秀萍便随着我加入了复活堂这个大家庭。其中最难忘的一次经历,就是当我担任2013年复活堂家庭营总指挥的那段期间。虽然要处理的事情与所要担负的责任有时让我喘不过气,但我们非常感恩,因为上帝使所有的事情都顺利进行,也使复活堂的所有堂会能像一个大家庭一样聚集在一起。秀萍也因此认识了更多的复活堂会友, 尤其是从别的堂会来的弟兄姊妹。更值得感恩的是上帝借着这次的营会, 感动Aunty Suat Ngoh为秀萍祷告,让她能尽快怀孕。隔年,Deborah便诞生了。赞美上帝的良善!



This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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