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Story 28: Charlotte Lim

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


I come from a family of free-thinkers. However, my mother still wanted to give my brother and I a chance to learn about God, and so she placed us in Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Kindergarten. I also went to CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School (primary and secondary) and even attended Heart of God Church for a while in my teens. Still, I did not commit to Christianity.

When I was 15, my mother contracted cancer. She eventually accepted Christ, but she passed away just before I entered university. Although I was not yet a believer, what got me through that difficult period was the knowledge that she was with God.

When I was in Year 4 of university, for some reason I decided to start looking for a church to settle down in. I wanted to solidify what I knew about Christianity from my years in school as well as whatever I believed at that point. At first, I went back to Ang Mo Kio Methodist, but being someone who doesn't like talking to strangers, I felt lonely there.

It was in 2014 that my university course mate, Colin Ng, brought me to COR. He introduced me to his cell group, El Hakkadosh, where I found like minded people and finally felt comfortable. And so, I stayed.

One highlight of my time in COR was the 2016 Easter Service. My cell member, Scholastica Wong, invited me to join the dancers to put up a dance item depicting Jesus' resurrection, set to the closing soundtrack of The Passion Of The Christ. That experience was an eye opener for me. I've been dancing since I was 13, but that was the first time I learnt that dance could be used in this way - as a meditation on God's word. I also watched the movie a few weeks before the service, which really struck a chord in me.

Right now, I'm part of the dance team and am learning flagging. I'm eager to try that out in service to minister to everyone.




在2014年,我的大学朋友,Colin Ng,带我来到复活堂。他把我介绍给他小组,El Hakkadosh 里的组员,我找到了志同道合的朋友,让我觉得很舒服。故此,我就留下来了。



This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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