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Story 27: Karen Choo

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


Eight years ago, I was called by the Lord to leave my secular job to serve the people in Tanjung Balai. I thank God for His faithfulness in all ways to me, my loved ones and the Balai people.

The first year in Tanjung Balai wasn’t easy because of the living conditions then. I had culture shock and difficulty adjusting to the pace of life there. Moreover, it is indeed difficult to love somebody you least want to. But by God’s grace, it is possible when you walk with Him and feel His heartbeat. Over the years, I witnessed His provision for every outreach and His grace for every need. The Lord touched those around me and confirmed that I was on the right path and not alone.

To-date, we have the weekly Hokkien worship service with an attendance of approximately 60 adults, Bahasa Indonesian Sunday School of 30 children and Bahasa cum English Bible Sharing of 10 youths.

We rented two two-storey shophouses for our service. In September 2017, the church also bought a piece of land (832 sq m) and is now waiting for approval from the Indonesian authorities to begin constructing the church building.

On weekdays, we conduct English tuition classes and have about 50 students in our Education Center. Some of the students attend our Sunday School. The aim of the Center is to help the needy with their English. We also conduct English Camp during school holidays to stimulate their interest in English.

The Five Loaves Two Bread Sewing Ministry was established in June 2015 to help the Balai ladies to learn a skill and earn an income. Apart from this, we hope to see growth in their Christian walk with God. The ladies have already sewn over 18,000 pieces of sewing products.

Moving forward, we hope to kick-start a Balai mission team to go into the rural areas of the Riau islands to reach out to the unsaved, particularly the Chinese families who are fishermen living along the coastal areas. We also hope that God-chosen leaders will be able to take on the role of pastoring the church in future.








This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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