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Story 32: Lydia Tan

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


In February 1999, a couple from Indonesia invited my husband, my daughter and I to Chapel of the Resurrection. On 15 August 1999, we were baptised here. In September of that year, God gave me a new name - Lydia. From then on, Chapel of the Resurrection became my spiritual home.

In March 1999, a pastor from the United States, Pastor Huang Shu Hua, prayed for me and prophesied over me. She told me that I will be a missionary and preach the Gospel in three different places. After receiving this Word, I started to learn about missions and how to preach God’s Word. Consequently, I went to a Praise and Worship College in South Korea in 2005, and spent half a year there in fellowship and equipping myself. In 2010, I went to learn at Christ’s Army Camp, and in 2011, I went for a three-month course at Tung Ling Bible School. Thus over ten years, I continuously sought the Lord and equipped myself.

In 2012, Rev Lee Lee Kong Kheng sent me to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia to plant a church. On 3 January 2012, I started my missionary journey at my first stop; and my life changed drastically. Church planting was tough, but God journeyed with me. God is faithful, and we managed to establish Revival Church Anglican and baptised twelve believers within half a year.

After Revival Church Anglican was established, my husband was called home to the Lord on 1 November 2012. After my husband passed on, I suddenly lost my source of support and my life entered a dark period. I shut myself off from the world, and I did not worship, pray, or read the Bible. This period in the valley lasted till 2017, when I walked out of the darkness.

In the last few years, I am very thankful to God for His grace as He did not once give up on me. In my 20 years in the Chapel of the Resurrection, I have experienced many ups and downs; but the love and encouragement from my brothers and sisters-in-Christ made me very grateful to belong to this spiritual family.

在1999 年2 月份,有一对来自印尼的夫妇邀请我和我的丈夫,女儿来到复活堂。8月15日,我们就洗礼了。到了9月,上帝赐给我新的名字,叫吕底亚(Lydia)。从此以后,复活堂就成为我属灵的家。





This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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