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8 ‘S’ of the Cambodia Vacation Bible School Trip

What an eye-opening experience on my first mission trip to Cambodia Vacation Bible School (VBS)! From this trip, I realised how privileged I am in Singapore. It is my prayer that this short photo story will paint a part of our VBS trip, and the hunger and passion that these Cambodians have for God.


by Lee Shi Hao

1) The Send Off

2) Sharing God’s word through the Bible stories, craft and songs. A call which transcends age, race, language and even career.

3) Sitting at the feet of Jesus with eagerness and hunger for God’s word. Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16

4) Servanthood – Jonathan Lau, 14, learning to give and serve God’s people in the mission field.

5) Seeking the Lord in prayer. As she requests a prayer for her to excel in her studies, to glorify God and support her family, we prayed for her to not trust in her own strength but to lean on Christ.

6) A Shepherd’s heart. Pastor Vibol feeding his sheep, making sure they all eat their fill before he has his.

7) The Smiles. While many of the Cambodian children may not have much comfort, toys and gadgets, they enjoy playing anywhere; be it an open piece of land or under the roof of the church pick-up truck.

8) See you again. Sending off the children back to their villages in the church pick-up truck after the end of VBS. Goodbyes are not the end. We’ll see each other again.


Writer’s Profile:

Shi Hao is currently pursuing his postgraduate studies at Nanyang Technological University. He attends the Saturday Praise Service and spends his time hanging out with his youth group that he leads.


This article first appeared in Issue 17, November 2017 CHORUS Magazine.







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