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Good Friday Dinner 2013 – A Faithful God

by Anna Fong

This year’s Good Friday evangelistic dinner allowed me to see God’s mighty power in action. On a personal level, I experienced the true essence of the maxim “Take care of God’s business first and God will take care of your business.”

Being a non-Christian all my years through university, I never had to struggle with going to church or fulfilling church duties in the midst of preparing for important exams. However, as my cell group was called to organise the Good Friday evangelistic dinner, this dilemma was put forth in front of me.

The evangelistic dinner preparation coincided with my preparation for a qualifying examination, which was the sole factor in determining if I could move on to the next phase of my post-graduate studies. In the past, I would have spent all the available time awake to prepare for such an examination, but this time round I decided to put God’s work first. Interestingly, I realised I actually had more time because I could more effectively use the remaining time to prepare fo r the examination as my heart and mind were at peace.

Throughout the process of preparing for the evangelistic dinner, I have also seen how God takes care of His business and all we need to do is just to be willing to do our part and leave the outcome to Him. We received less than one third (73) of the targeted (300) response from our members when we were two weeks away from the dinner.

There were moments when I wondered whether we would ever get any closer to the targeted response of 300 attendees, especially when many seemed to be skeptical of attending such an evangelistic dinner. But God showed clearly that He was in control and all we needed to do was to press on and do our tasks faithfully. In the end, a total of 317 people attended and 133 were non-Christian guests!

When I look back on the whole Good Friday dinner preparation, it was just amazing. And I thank God for giving my cell members and I the chance to work together, to be united and to be part of our church.


Writer’s Profile:

Anna Fong worships at the Sunday Worship Service and is an integral part of the cell group “Nissi”, which consists of a group of young and zealous followers of Christ.


This article first appeared in Issue 8, August 2013 CHORUS Magazine.


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