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Top 15 songs in four decades of COR worship


Four decades are but a drop in the ocean of centuries of Christian worship. Four decades is also the length of time COR has lifted its voice in proclamation and worship of the Lord. Along with the trends that have swept across the world of Christian worship over the past 40 years, certain choruses were sung more frequently during certain periods of our church history. They marked the heart cry of God’s people in those times.

Some evergreen favourites have become part of our collective memory. We recall their tunes and lyrics with ease and we can probably sing them without musical accompaniment. Many thanks to John Suan, Tan Huah Sin, James Low and Shirley Sim for their contributions to this list of Top 15 songs that have been most frequently sung in COR. It was not easy to whittle the list down to 15 - which ones do you know?

1. How Great Thou Art (Carl Boberg 1885)

2. He Has Made Me Glad (Maranatha! Singers)

3. As We Gather (Tommy Coomes & Mike Fay 1981)

4. Great is the Lord (Michael W Smith 1983)

5. Come On And Celebrate (Patricia Morgan and Dave Bankhead 1984)

6. I Stand In Awe (Mark Altrogge 1986)

7. My Life Is In You Lord (Joseph Garlington 1988)

8. Shine Jesus Shine (Graham Kendrick 1990)

9. I Will Celebrate (Rita Baloche 1992)

10. I Offer My Life (Don Moen 1996)

11. Come Holy Spirit (CityWorship)

12. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Chris Tomlin 2006)

13. As We Worship (Bob Fitts 2008)

14. God Is Able (Hillsong Worship 2011)

15. This Is Amazing Grace (Phil Wickham)

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