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Story 40: Carrie Tan

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


Almost 4 years ago, on 27 Oct 2015, what seemed like a regular 24-weeks prenatal check-up at the gynaecologist turned into a shocking reality that came too early for the family. During the check-up, the gynaecologist said that I had a 4cm dilation. It was terrifying for the family and I was rushed into KKH's maternity ward to prepare for delivery. Things happened too quickly and within the next day, Evan was born into the world, weighing a mere 760 grams. Evan needed blood transfusion almost every other day and he was on oxygen placed inside an incubator to keep his little body warm.

Before Evan was born, we had been looking for a suitable name for him. We came across this name "Evan", which stands for "Yahweh is gracious and a young warrior". We liked it and what it stands for. We are thankful to our gracious God for giving us a young warrior who fought so bravely the moment he was born into the world.

When Evan was finally off oxygen, which meant that he could breathe on his own, the doctor told us that he needed to go through an eye operation because he had retinopathy of prematurity. This is an eye disease that develops when blood vessels grow abnormally in the eye due to a premature birth. We really thank God for a successful operation. The list of miraculous victories went on, and after staying in the hospital for 107 days, Evan was finally discharged and came home with us.

The journey for parents of premature babies (also known as preemies) is a long one, with many ups and downs. Our cell group, iGnite, created a WhatsApp chat group and kept us in prayer daily. Our families provided close support and we are really grateful for the care showered upon us.

We stand here to testify of God’s amazing grace, love and mercy to our family. He lifts us up when we feel so helpless. Praise be to God!

大概4年前,在2015年10月27日,原本是我怀孕24周到妇产科的例行检查,却演变成让我们全家措手不及的惊恐时刻。在检验时,医生说我的子宫已经扩大了4公分。我们全家惊慌不已,立刻送我入竹脚医院的产房待产。事情突如其来,在一天内,Evan 李凯恩诞生了,体重不超过760克。凯恩几乎每天都需要输血,他也需依靠保育箱里的氧气维持弱小身体的温度。

凯恩未出世以前,我们在寻找一个合适的名字。我们无意中发现 “Evan” 这个名字,代表了”耶和华是恩惠和年轻战士”。我们很喜欢这个名字的意义。我们感谢充满恩惠的上帝赐给我们一个年轻的战士,自出生后就勇敢作战。


作为早产儿的父母,这心路历程是又漫长又崎岖不平的。我们的小组,iGnite, 在群组里发动祷告链,常常为我们代祷。我们的家人给予我们紧密的支持,他们无微不至的关爱让我们感恩不尽。


This article first appeared in Issue 20, December 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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