Story 20: Fork Yuen Lin

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


I grew up in a Buddhist family. Whenever I fell ill or sat for school examinations, my family would head to the temple to pray and bring some talismans home: either to burn and drink the ashes with water, or to carry with me as protection. One day, my friend invited me to church. I thought, “There’s nothing disadvantageous for me to go; perhaps I should take a look and see if church is what i imagine it to be.” I was sorely disappointed because the service was held in a junior college auditorium, the airconditioning was uncomfortably cold and the whole service was in English. I could not understand a word. I would have left earlier if not for the worship songs that sounded quite attractive to me. A few weeks later, my friend invited me to church again. I rejected his invitation but changed my mind after he told me that there would be chinese translation headsets provided. From then on, I began attending church more regularly.

One night, I had a dream. A huge Buddhist idol appeared before me. Suddenly, a beam of light appeared and covered the idol. Then a man in white clothing appeared. I was curious and started to walk towards him; but he walked away from me. The faster I moved towards him, the faster he moved away from me. He kept matching my pace and I could not catch up with him. At this point, I woke up from the dream. Amazingly, 3 days later, I had the same dream again. I saw the man in white and I tried but could not catch up with him. This time, he vanished. A hand appeared and handed me a book before I woke up.

On Sunday morning, I bumped into a neighbouring sister from the English congregation and she invited me to attend service that morning. I do not know why i agreed even though I had already arranged to go to work. When i got to work the next day, my colleague exclaimed, “You must thank your Lord Jesus!”. The truck that I used for work had met with an accident the day before, and all passengers had been injured with some even being thrown out of the truck! I was thankful that if God had not sent ‘an angel’ who brought me to church, I would have ended up in the accident as well.

One day, I noticed an announcement in the church bulletin. There was a baptism scheduled on 25th July. This intrigued me because that date fell on my birthday. It seemed like God wanted me to be baptised, even though I was reluctant and had refused earlier opportunities. I struggled to make a decision. When that day arrived, I made up my mind and headed for baptism. Immediately after getting out of the water, I slipped and fell onto the changing room floor. I knew in my heart why that had happened. I remembered that before my baptism, I was still carrying a Buddhist amulet. Knowing that it was no longer right to possess an amulet, yet not knowing what to do with it, I had thoughtlessly thrown it onto a grassy patch nearby. Now it seemed, to me, that the devil was getting back at me for throwing the amulet away. Nonetheless, i thank God for His protection because i was not hurt from the fall.

When I was growing up, I often suffered from sore throat and nose bleeds. Customarily, no matter walking, sitting, standing or sleeping, a bloody handkerchief was never far from me. Yet ever since my baptism, I have felt different. I have not had a nose bleed since! I believe that Jesus has taken on all my weaknesses and infirmities. If not for my friend, and the neighbouring sister, who boldly invited me, I would never have stepped into church. I have been newly created - the old has past and the new has come! Thank You, Jesus! All glory to God!



隔年的复活节那天,我已经安排好要去上班了,但是遇到了一位英文部的姐妹,住在我邻座的组屋。她邀请我一同去当天早上的联合聚会。不知为何,我就答应和她一起去。隔天星期一,我回到了公司,我的同事对我说:“你要感谢你的主耶稣啊”。 原来,我平常坐的那辆货车,在教堂附近发生意外,车上的人都受伤了,有些人还被抛出车外。感谢主若不是神安排一位天使出现,我也是其中的一位伤者。

过后,我在周报上看到了一则洗礼通告:洗礼日期是7月25日,地点在乌节路一家酒店的游泳池。这对我来说很奇妙,因为那天是我的生日。这好像是神想尽办法一定要我洗礼。虽然我已经拒绝了很多次,我还是猶豫不決,一直挣扎。接近洗礼日期时,我下定决心去报名。那天洗礼后,我进去厕所洗澡换衣,不小心就滑倒在地上,四脚朝天。我心中明白为什么会跌倒——我来洗礼之前,发现身上拿着一个佛牌。我不知道要怎么样处理,就把它丢在草地上去洗礼了。 因为这样,魔鬼不想放过我,以牙还牙。感谢主的保守,我都没有受伤。


This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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