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Story 19: Ruth Teo

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


I was studying in SAJC at Malan Road in 1994. Thus, when I wanted to attend a church, going to COR was the natural choice. COR even had a Youth service which suited me. Jonathan Wong, the Youth Pastor, got my CCA friend and I to start a cell comprising of our basketball teammates and friends. As a cell, we joined the Praise Fellowship led by Joshua Sudharman when it was formed. I was with Praise until I became an SAJC Mentor in 2000.

I have many good memories in COR, such as moving chairs and potted plants in Loke Cheng Kim Hall in Malan Road, selling magazines for Festival of Praise, going for cell meetings at the prayer room right after my flights with luggage and all, just to listen to Ian Chew sharing enriching bible studies. Pastor Choi Foong and Pastor Chi Shyan were great examples of leadership to me as a growing Christian. I have had great ministry partners too; the late Doreen Tan in dance ministry, and SAJC mentors of different batches. Those were days God sent me friends that I could keep for a lifetime.

However, a leadership change 11 years ago brought about major changes in church, leading to the sudden departure of many of my peers in Praise Fellowship. We then merged what was left of Praise with the then Youth service, and that abrupt disruption, in my opinion, is still felt today.

Despite that low point for me, my life was positively impacted by many COR leaders. Pastor Joshua took serious effort in making us disciples; Canon James Wong demonstrated true visionary leadership; my lifelong confidant Elyse Tay stuck through hardships with me; and Jayne Chong and Dallas Chang remained truthful, spiritual sounding boards. The person who influenced me most is Canon John Benson. He not only taught godly wisdom and tireless prayer, but demonstrated his teachings in his actions. Under his prayerful leadership, I witnessed true shepherding, as his wisdom stemmed from his prayer life. Canon Benson’s wife, Anita, was the quiet unimposing figure who watched over me through the difficult days of rebuilding the Praise congregation.

My wish for COR is that we truly reflect God's Shepherding nature in the way we care for His sheep. We need to be led by His Spirit, in being truthful and authentic, instead of relying on our own intellectual efforts when we serve in church ministries.

1994年我在圣安德烈初级学院念高中一年级。故此,当我在寻找教会时,自然而然就选择了(当时位于Malan Road)复活堂。除此之外,那时复活堂还有一个很适合我参与的青年团契。那时的青年团牧师,Jonathan Wong, 找我和一个学校篮球队的朋友成立一个新的细胞小组,小组里包括了我们的篮球队友及朋友。此后,我们的小组便参加了由Joshua Sudharman带领的Praise Fellowship崇拜聚会。 直到2000年,当我成为圣安德烈初级学院的导师后,我才离开了Praise Fellowship。

我在复活堂拥有许多美好的回忆,例如在Malan Road 的Loke Cheng Kim Hall 搬花盆、搬椅子、为“赞美大会”售卖杂志、我一下飞机,就拖着行李奔向祷告室,为要听Ian Chew在小组里教导富有造就性的查经课程。Choi Foong传道和Chi Shyan传道在我属灵的成长中树立了非常棒的榜样。我也结交了许多事工伙伴,他们包括了在舞蹈事工所认识的已故的陈婷婷姐妹,以及历届的学院导师。在那段时间所结交的友谊都是上帝赐给我终身的挚友。

11年前,因着教会领导层的更替,教会内部发生了许多变化,导致我有许多在Praise Fellowship 聚会的好朋友离开了复活堂。留守Praise Fellowship的会友便与当时的青年崇拜合并,成为今天的周六崇拜聚会。我个人认为,虽然事过境迁,仍然可感受到当时突如其来的改变所带来的人心惶惶。

尽管当时我经历了那样的低潮,复活堂的许多领袖还是给予我积极正面的影响。Pastor Joshua 竭尽所能地门训我们;黄锐觉法政牧师展示了高瞻远瞩的领导风范;Elyse Tay,我的知己,陪我度过人生最艰辛的时刻;Jayne Chong和Dallas Chang一直都是我最坦诚的属灵警惕员。对我影响最具深远的莫过于 John Benson 法政牧师。他透过言教与身教让我学习到属神的智慧和不住的祷告的重要性。他以祷告为领导方针,从而表露的牧者心肠,这一切的智慧都源自于他内在的祷告生命。Benson法政牧师的太太,Anita师母,为人文静谦和,却在那段重建周六崇拜聚会的期间看顾着我。


This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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