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Story 17: Lindy Koh

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


14-year-old Lindy Koh is a member of New Life Youth, our Mandarin youth congregation. She shares about how God helped her through a life-threatening medical condition. Her parents, Kelvin Koh and Yvonne Yap worship in COR’s Mandarin Service.

On 6 February 2019, I felt a sudden pain on the left side of my chest, which left after a few minutes. This sudden pain would recur over the next two days.

My parents and I thought the pain was likely due to stress from my heavy school workload, but we decided to have it checked out at the polyclinic anyway. The x-ray showed that my left lung was smaller than the right, and I was immediately sent to KK Hospital’s Accident and Emergency by ambulance!

At the hospital, I was shocked to be told that there was a 2.6 cm air space between my lung and chest wall on the x-ray, which was diagnosed as “spontaneous pneumothorax”.

After 2 days in hospital, my condition stabilised with the air space reduced from 2.6 cm to 0.9 cm. Yet, not knowing when I could go home made me concerned about missing school and keeping up with my studies. Still, I appreciated the visits and prayers of the many friends and elders from church, which strengthened my faith. I am sure that God answered our prayers and performed a miracle because on the very next day, the x-ray showed the air space between my lung and my chest wall totally gone! From 2.6 cm to 0.9 cm… and to 0 cm! Praise the Lord! I could be discharged from the hospital!

However, 10 days later in school, I felt a very heavy and painful pressure on my chest. The pain lasted for half an hour, and I began to feel breathless. The school called my mom and she brought me back to the hospital. The air space between my lung and chest wall had grown to between 8 and 9 cm--my lung had shrunk to about one-third of its normal size! Suddenly, my condition became very critical. As a second occurrence of spontaneous pneumothorax, my doctors decided to insert a tube through my chest to drain out the air in an operation that very evening. After 4 hours of surgery, they successfully removed two air bubbles. When the anesthetic wore off though, the pain was quite unbearable.

My parents wondered why I looked neither worried nor scared about the operation. I told them I simply felt God's peace. I was certain before entering the operating theatre, that my life was in His Hands, and that I could trust Him with it.

Although I have not fully recovered and my wounds are still painful, I have no doubt that my Heavenly Father has plans for me--‘plans for welfare and not for evil, to give [me] a future and a hope’ (Jeremiah 29:11).

All thanks and glory be to God!




留院观察了两天后,我的病情开始稳定下来,气胸也从2.6公分缩小到了0.9公分。不过,医生还是没有给我一个明确的出院日期。因此我也开始为了不能回去学校上课而感到担忧, 深怕赶不上学校的进度。即便如此,我还是很感激那些来医院探访以及为我祷告的众多朋友以及教会的长者。我的信心也因着他们的代祷而变得更加坚固。我深信主已经垂听了我们的祷告,并用祂的大能行使了奇迹,因为第二天的X-光报告显示我胸腔里头的气胸已经完全地消失了!从2.6公分缩小到0.9公分,再到完全不见了。感谢赞美主! 我终于可以出院了!





虽然我还没有完全康复, 伤口有时还会隐隐作痛,我还是确信天父对我的生命已经有了祂自己的计划 – “ ‘因我自己知道我为你们所定的计划,是使你们得平安,而不是遭受灾祸的计划;要赐给你们美好的前程和盼望。’这是耶和华的宣告。” - 耶利米书 29:11


This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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