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Story 16: Francis Chong

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

(SATURDAY PRAISE SERVICE) My childhood best friend, Julian invited me to watch the Christmas caroling at Lucky Plaza in 1996. I got to know his cell group mates and started joining them.

I was very surprised, yet touched when they gave me a Bible; something I secretly long for though I was a Buddhist. I wanted to experience that joy and passion I witnessed in their lives as I was at the lowest point in mine.

The turning point came during the church youth camp in December, 1997. I responded to the altar call and was overwhelmed by God’s presence. After the session, I sat alone at a corner feeling a sense of peace and that something in my life has changed.

Despite my parents’ unhappiness and objections, I decided to be baptized. At the same time, my brother who dissuaded me from becoming a Christian came to faith when he helped my NUS Campus Crusade friends with translation work during their mission trip in Japan.

We then tried reaching out to our parents but without much sustained efforts. However, God is faithful. My mother accepted Christ after a sharing session by our local Chinese DJ, Dong Fang Bi Li in an outreach event.

Fast forward - 2017. My mother was diagnosed with a very rare heart cancer. The initial prognosis was a remaining life span of 3 months but her condition quickly deteriorated.

Mum’s dying wish was to get baptised and for my father to accept Christ. On the eve of her baptism, she nearly died and the doctors had to perform emergency procedures. My father heard her cries and was devastated. I was alone with him at that time. I wasn’t close to him and was struggling with unforgiveness for many years. However, prompted by God, I popped the question, my father not only accepted Christ but wanted to be baptised too!

My parents were baptised the next day - 30 July 2017. From then, my mother’s condition miraculously improved! Swollen body - subsided, breathing with mask - breathing normally less than 2 days after her baptism. For the next five months, she underwent intensive chemotherapy. In January 2018, the doctor declared her cancer free!

On 23 January 2019, my father suffered a sudden massive heart attack and passed away. During the wake, I felt God’s victory instead of defeat. Everything was according to His timing - my father reconciled with God and I with him before he died. During my mother’s cancer ordeal, I cried often during worship because I knew that I didn’t deserve His mercy and grace. Yet, He did so much for my family. Indeed, His grace is sufficient for me, for His power is made perfect in weakness.

1996年,我的童年挚友 Julian 邀我观赏幸运商业中心所举办的报佳音。当时我结识了他的教会小组成员,并开始参加他们的聚会。


1997年末,复活堂青年团契的生活营是我人生的转折点。当时我深深感受到神的同在,以至于我回应神的呼召,接受耶稣基督成为我的救主 。散会后,我独自坐在一个角落,我感到无比的平安,而且我知道我的生命已被改变。


之后,我们兄弟俩虽然曾向父母传福音,但我们不够坚持。然而神是信实的,我的母亲在一场由广播员 - 东方比利所举办的布道会中接受了耶稣。




2019年1月23日,我的父亲因心脏病突发而逝世。在他的追思礼上,我知道神已得胜 ,因为一切都按照神的时间表进行—— 爸爸在去世前不只修复了与神的关系,与我的关系也恢复了。


This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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