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Story 11: Hannah Tang

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

(SATURDAY PRAISE SERVICE / SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE) In 1985, I accepted Christ into my life after hearing The Four Spiritual Laws outside the National Library. Shortly after, my classmate, Janice invited me for Sunday service in COR.

I remember COR in its former location on Malan Road. I have fond memories of the Sunday school classrooms, St Andrew’s Junior College Auditorium, Loke Cheng Kim Hall (where we stacked chairs and sat for Diocesan Lay Training examinations), the baptism pool in the Sanctuary and the carpeted basement with a small pantry.

Those were the formative years of my faith. I am thankful for devoted Sunday school teachers like Uncle Hwa Chiang, and passionate youth leaders like Kew San, John Suan, Huah Sin and Bernard Lee. I remember praying with Youth Fellowship members, rejoicing when friends came to know Christ and discipling cell group members in Praise Fellowship, one of the youth congregations planted by COR.

Canon James Wong was our Vicar then. His love for God and firm belief in the authority of God's Word and the Holy Spirit drove his passion for evangelism. I remember Sunday 9am bible expository classes, Tuesday night prayer meetings, lunchtime Bible studies, Easter Convention and other seminars. I remember Sunday lunch in the college’s canteen, June church camps, December Christmas outreaches and Festivals of Praise. Canon Wong made sure that church life was an immersion into learning God's word, prayer, worship, fellowship, evangelism and exercising of our spiritual gifts.

Later, I became a staff member and learnt the dynamics of church ministry from other staff. By then, Canon John Benson had become our new Vicar. His leadership and faithful service inspired me. It was a tremendous privilege to be entrusted with many opportunities to serve in God's house.

COR is my second family. Sincere smiles greeting my family as we walk into church always warm my heart. Many members have encouraged and prayed for us, during good and bad times. I see the beauty of God's work in the lives of people here. Like me, many have gone through trials and bear the scars of battle, but God has lifted and strengthened us so we are able to overcome our difficulties.

As COR turns 40, I pray that God will give us the grace to fulfil what He wants COR to be in the coming years. Across generations of faith, we can support one another to grow spiritually and to stand firm in the face of trials. Together as one family, I hope we will be witnesses of God’s love and provision. Footnote:

The Four Spiritual Laws are a way for Christians to share the good news of the salvation that is available through faith in Jesus Christ. It is a simple method of organising and communicating the important information into four points, when talking with non-believers.


之后,我参加了复活堂的主日学。那时复活堂还在旧址,也就是旧的圣安德烈初级学院。我在那里留下了很多美好的回忆 – 课室,大礼堂,我们经常帮忙排列椅子以及参加圣公会教区培训考试的陆淑佳学院礼堂,教堂圣所里头的受洗池,还有那铺上了地毯的底层聚会场地,以及那小小的备餐间。

那些年是我属灵生命的成长期。我也很感激那些忠诚尽责的主日学老师,如Hwa Chiang叔,还有那些热心的少年团契领袖,Kew San,John Suan,Hua Sin以及Bernard Lee。我记得和少年团契成员一起祷告的日子,为了刚信主的朋友来欣喜的时刻,以及参与了对复活堂一个刚成立的崇拜(赞美团契崇拜)里头的细胞小组组员门徒训练的美好时光。

那时复活堂的牧正是Canon James Wong。他那深爱神的心,和对主的话语以及对圣灵坚定的信念激励了他对传福音的热忱。我还记得那时每个星期天早上9点都有圣经探讨课,星期二晚上有祷告会,每周一次有午餐圣经讨论聚会,每年的复活节大会,以及其他许多的研讨会。那时星期天我们的午餐很常都在学院的食堂里头解决。每年的6月都有教会营,年底12月时还有圣诞节活动,以及一年一度的赞美大会。黄牧正费尽年心力来确保教会的生活让每个教友都可以浸没在神的话语,祷告,敬拜,宣传福音,友谊以及行使属灵恩赐当中。

之后,我成了教会的职员。在这期间,我从其他事工身上学到了在如何在教会事奉。也就在那时,复活堂迎来了一位新的牧正,Canon John Benson。我深受他领导能力以及为主忠诚服务的心态所启发。我感到非常地荣幸可以有许多在主的殿堂事奉祂的机会。





This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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