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Story 10: Benson Lim

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

(MANDARIN SERVICE) Our family joined the COR Chinese Congregation in 2013. At that point in time, my parents-in-law were already existing members of COR. My mother-in-law often shared her testimonies and the word of God with us. Then, we knew that God existed but never did take the initiative or the step forward to open our arms to welcome Him into our lives. However, the turning point came when my father, who was diagnosed with cancer, suddenly decided to accept God into his life, after more than 70 years of being a free-thinker! From that day on, our lives changed for the better. We were deeply touched when Reverend Lee Kong Kheng and many COR members kept our family in their prayers and supported us throughout the entire journey until my father passed away in the last quarter of 2013. They treated us like family and this touched our hearts. We decided to learn more about God and eventually joined COR.

Every single memory with COR has been wonderful and I do not have any particular favourite. I always look forward to attending our church camp with my family every year. I really enjoy being able to take a break from the rigors of life in Singapore to spend a few days completely immersed in the presence of God. It is also a great opportunity for me to interact with the other members and learn more about them on a deeper level. Not to mention, every single year, the church camp committee never fail to choose amazing locations and bless us with yummy food!

I believe that every single individual in COR has impacted me greatly in one way or another. Seeing how everyone gives their best to serve the Lord never fails to encourage me to be a better person. My wish for COR is for everyone to remain steadfast in their love for God and to spread His love to more people out there.

COR is family. I love how closely knitted everyone is and how much I feel at home whenever I go to church!








This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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