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Chapel of the Resurrection 40th Anniversary

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

BY REV. LEE KONG KHENG, Chinese Congregation Pastor

李光庆牧师 中文部的主理牧师

As we celebrate 40 years of our parish, I look back on the growth of the Chinese Congregation, since it branched out from the English Congregation 34 years ago in 1985. Since then, three services have been added - the Cantonese-Mandarin Service (formerly the Canto-Hokkien Service), the New Life Youth Service and the Children’s Service. Two churches were also planted by the congregation in Indonesia - the Anglican Church Karimun (Tanjung Balai) and the Revival Anglican Church (Tanjung Pinang). These are a testament to God’s hand in leading and blessing us. As it is written, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” (Ps 127:1, ESV). In all things, God has worked through the faithful and obedient among us.

On behalf of the Chinese Congregation, I would like to express our gratitude to the brothers and sisters who have served. They include Rev. Huang Hui Jen, the first senior pastor in

charge of the Chinese Congregation; Brother Tan Song Huat, who set up the Mandarin worship service; and Brother David Tham (now Honorary Preacher), among others. “40 years” carries deep spiritual significance in the Bible. This especially so, when we study Moses’ life, which can be divided into 3 phases of 40 years each. It took 40 years from the time Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to when he prepared them to enter the land of Canaan. Hence 40 years can be considered a generation or a milestone in life. For us, the newly ordained fifth Vicar Rev. David Lee can be likened to Joshua, when he became leader of the Israelites. Much like Joshua, Rev. Lee is now leading the parish into a new stage of life

Therefore, I encourage our brothers and sisters to embark on this next phase together, especially on our gospel outreach project, “Celebration of Hope”. Let us strive to win over the lost and pursue missions work as part of our “church-planting DNA”. All this also because God has called us to join the “Great Commission” and make disciples of all nations to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. 值此复活堂40周年之际,回想复 7 活堂中文部从英文部诞生出来至 今已有34年了。华语主日崇拜聚会是于1985年正式成立的,发展至今已 增加了广华崇拜聚会(先前为广东与福建 语的聚会),新生命崇拜聚会(青少年) 和儿童崇拜聚会。此外,也在印尼植了恩 典堂(丹戎巴莱)与复兴堂(丹戎槟榔) 。由此见证了上帝恩手的带领与祝福:“ 若不是耶和华建造房屋,建造的人就枉然 劳力;若不是耶和华看守城池,看守的人 就枉然警醒。”【诗127:1】。此外,上帝 也藉着弟兄姐妹们的信靠与顺服来成就这 一切。在此我谨代表复活堂中文部答谢所 有过去的事奉者,其中包括中文部的第一 任主理牧师黄惠仁牧师,当年成立华语崇 拜的陈祥发弟兄和谭国新弟兄(今为荣誉 传道)等。

思想“40年”在圣经里的属灵涵义,尤其 从摩西的生命经历来看,他的一生可分为3 个生命阶段,每阶段皆为40年。他领导以 色列民出埃及至预备进入迦南美地前也是 40年。因此,40年代表了一个生命阶段, 或是一个世代。对于复活堂来说,今年初 新上任的第5代牧正李炳煌牧师,象征了约 书亚的领导,开始带领整个牧区跨入一个 新的生命阶段、新纪元。他也期待中文部 和英文部能在许多的事工上,有更多的联 结与配搭,完成更大的使命。 因此,我在此勉励复活堂牧区的众弟兄姐 妹,共同迈向新的旅程,尤其在《希望与 你有约》的福音事工上,一起奋力赢得失 丧的灵魂;在“植堂基因”的天赋上差传 与植堂,在“大使命”上使万民成为主耶 稣的门徒。

REV. LEE is married to Ong Swee Ger. They have a daughter, Priscilla Lee, and a son, Lee Liang Heng.

李牧师已婚,育有一女一男,大女儿良 晴、小儿子良恒,太太王秀玉师母。

This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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