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Art For God: The World of a Photographer

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

by Krist Ng

I was making my way to the train station one day when I saw a lady with a camera walking past me. She was pointing the camera in my direction, as if trying to capture something behind me. I turned around and looked out of curiosity. Strangely, there was neither beautiful sunrise nor magnificent architecture, just a plain neighborhood. I walked away puzzled, saying to myself, “I’ll never understand what she was trying to capture.”

The World of a Photographer

The world of a photographer can be very lonely and separated from others

He’s the only one who sees through the lens

He’s the only one who sees that picture he has in his mind

For no two photographers will ever produce the same image

When the image is presented to the world

Some may not understand what the photographer is trying to convey

Lonely and separated is the photographer from this world

We are all like photographers who use only the kit lens

We see the world through a filtered perspective that is given to us by God

Yet our vision is still so limited

Our zoom so short ranged

That we cannot see what is so far and beyond

Everything is a blur

God is the one who uses the wide and long lens

He sees the big picture and sees what is beyond our naked eyes


Writer’s Profile:

Krist attends Saturday Praise Service and is currently part of the Creative Arts Ministry. She picked up photography in 2008, and is constantly exploring how her photos can bring across God’s message to the people.


This article first appeared in Issue 4, April 2012 CHORUS Magazine.

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