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Story 6: Lina Cheam

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

(SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE) I started serving in Sunday School when I was 17 at the Church of the Good Shepherd's Chinese congregation. There was a need, and even without experience or much knowledge I became the teacher to a group of active 12 year olds. Later on, when I had settled in COR, I joined the Sunday School ministry and assisted more experienced teachers, mainly in the kindees section. After I had my own kids, I continued to serve as I felt that I should be involved in contributing to their spiritual growth. If as a mother I did not make the effort when I could,then who else could I expect to fulfill that role? My thanks to the many teachers who had served unreservedly in COR in the past – Phyllis Lim, Florence Aw, Peck Lian, Stella, Grace Khoo, Wei Ling and Brenda, to name a few, and to those who are in the ministry now.

With the exception of a few years I took to raise my kids and handle other involvements, the Lord has kept me returning to the children’s ministry. One reason is because I have a special love for children. I find young children fascinating and always evolving in the way they learn. Another reason is because the need for teachers is always present.

A few years ago in a study of Ezekiel (Eze 3:17), I learnt that believers have a role as a watchman for the people of God. I realised that our role as Sunday School teachers was important as we served as watchmen for the children who passed through our ministry. Similarly, as parents we are also watchmen for the children the Lord blesses us with.

I often feel inadequate for the task set before me, and more so as age catches up. But then I am reminded of what the Apostle Paul said in 2 Cor 3:5-6, that our competence comes from God. I believe He will make us adequate for the task He calls us to do.

COR has been an important part of mine and my children’s life journeys. The friendships formed through the various ministries and especially my cell group have been very integral to my development, growth and maturing process. I am very blessed and happy to be a member of this God-fearing and Bible-teaching church.






This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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