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Story 23: Chan Chee Har

Updated: Oct 21, 2020


1 Thessalonians 1:3

“We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Chan Chee Har is a stalwart member of COR since its early days. Coming from Penang, Malaysia in 1978, having being renewed and baptised in the Holy Spirit, Chee Har took time to find a Spirit led church to worship in Singapore. Eventually, she went to Bukit Timah Extension Centre, a new parish at that time, after discussing with Canon James Wong, whom she respected and knew for a long time.

Authority of the Church

After a couple of years, the leader of the extension centre wanted to go independent but Chee Har chose to return back to the main church. She attributed this decision to being raised by God-fearing parents in the deep faith they have and the Anglican traditions. She knew in her heart that she needed to submit to the authority of the church. Chee Har shared that she appreciates the Anglican form of worship which is focused and enriching. It incorporates liturgy, prayer and even the giving of tithe as active forms of worship.

Canon James Wong

Throughout the interview, Chee Har often expressed her appreciation for Canon James Wong and still do. Having known him for a long time, she knew of Canon James Wong and his wife, Esther to be warm and encouraging leaders. Even though there were times in the past she struggled as a cell leader, Canon James Wong would listen to her and allow her room to make her own decisions.

Strength from God

“My philosophy of life is to be positive, to make good of whatever that comes my way.”

Back in Nov 2017, this statement of faith will stand its ground in Chee Har’s life when her husband, Wooi Mau fell seriously ill. “I didn’t question God but I questioned the doctors about what really happened and why. A virus that does not affect the brain affected him. They couldn’t give me an answer and I accepted from God that it is part of what God is bringing me through.” Chee Har is grateful for the clergy and COR community who rallied behind them in prayers and also those who came to visit Wooi Mau.

Seeing our loved ones lose their mental and physical faculties is a very painful thing. However, Chee Har saw not the loss but the gains. She received strength from God through the prayer intercession of the church and seeing the slow but steady progress Wooi Mau made in his recovery. From not being able to open his eyes, or to smell or taste food or to swallow, Wooi Mau eventually regained these abilities. That is God’s mercies, renewing his brain cells.

Listening to her honest and heartfelt sharing of her story, we cannot help but be encouraged by her steadfast posture in her walk with God. Prior to this interview, she prayed for a word of encouragement from God to COR, a community whom can depend on throughout the various seasons of her life. This is found in 1 Thessalonians 1:3. “The work of faith, the labour of love and the steadfastness of hope. This is my hope for COR that this truth will be embraced by everybody and it will become a part of COR itself.”

帖撒罗尼迦前书 1章3节

“在神—我们的父面前,不住地记念你们因信心所做的工夫,因爱心所受的劳苦,因盼望我们主耶稣基督所存的忍耐” 曾紫霞是教会元老级的成员。她在1978年来自马来西亚的槟城。Chee Har 当时已经受圣灵的洗礼和更新,来到新加坡以后,她想寻找一间被圣灵引导的教会聚会,于是加入了创堂不久的复活堂。不久之后,她同认识已久,很是敬仰的黄锐觉牧政商量,然后转到当时新成立的武吉知马分堂崇拜。




在接受访问时,紫霞多次对黄锐觉牧政表示赞赏。她认识黄锐觉法政牧师和他太太Esther师母多年,并表示他们是友善,能够激励人心的领袖。 有时作为小组的组长,紫霞会面对挣扎,黄锐觉牧政总是聆听她的想法,然后让她自己做决定。


“我的人生哲学是态度要正面,善用每一个来到我面前的际遇“。2017年11月,紫霞的丈夫Wooi Mau病重,这个信念在紫霞的心里更是坚定不移。“我没有怀疑上帝,我只是质问医生究竟发生什么事,为什么会这样。为什么一种本不会感染脑部的过滤性病毒却会感染Wooi Mau 的脑部。医生没办法给我答案。我接受这事来自于神,是祂要带领我经历的路。“紫霞感谢复活堂的牧者们和会友,齐心合力地为他们代祷,并时常探望Wooi Mau。

看着自己心爱的人逐渐衰弱是件痛苦的事。然而,紫霞看到的却是她所得的比失去的更多。教会的代祷,让她从神那里重新得力,而Wooi Mau的病情随之稳定,身体逐渐康复。 从本来不能张开眼睛,失去嗅觉与味觉,不能吞咽,现在他慢慢恢复了这些能力。这真是神的怜悯。

对于紫霞毫无保留,真心诚意的分享,我们无不被她如何紧紧跟随主踪的坚定意念所鼓舞。在未接受访问之前,她为复活堂,一个在她遭遇人生不同阶段得着依靠的群体祷告时,从主领受的劝勉:““信心的功夫,爱心的劳苦和因盼望主而有的坚忍” 我期盼这真理为复活堂众人所持守,成为复活堂的一部分。”

This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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