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Story 14: Lee Kong Wee

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

(SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE) “The latter rain will be greater than the former rain” if we continue to trust and obey the Lord Lee Kong Wee

Lee Kong Wee shares with us his many memories of the early days, the countless blessings of God in his life and his aspirations for COR.

Pioneering Work

Kong Wee started attending the Church of Good Shepherd (COGS) in July 1973. The following year, the then Reverend James Wong called for COGS members to form part of the congregation of the Holland Extension Centre who met in a Holland Drive HDB flat. From a humble beginning of 12 members, the congregation grew to be about 65 strong in 1979. “The flat was bursting in its capacity” said Kong Wee. What an imagery of an abundant harvest.

Chapel of the Resurrection was birthed out of this pioneer house group together with Depot Road Extension Centre in 1979. The first COR service was held at the canteen of St Andrew’s Junior College in August 1979.

Fond Memories

Indeed COR held a special place in Kong Wee’s heart. Many of his fondest moments are in COR, from his wedding to Suat Ngoh in 1982, the birth of their daughter a few years later, the baptism of his mother in 1999 and the ordination of his brother Reverend Lee Kong Kheng as priest in 2006. The latest addition is the birth of Kong Wee’s grandson, Jason in 2017. COR is his extension of family.

Through the Valley

With the highs, there come the low points too. “My lowest point was from 1998 to 2001. During that period, I was almost consumed by my job. I was working for nearly 70 hours per week. I was totally exhausted during the weekends. I completely disengaged myself from all activities in COR except the worship services and cell group meetings.”

In mid of 2001, Kong Wee found spiritual strength through the newly started sunrise prayer meetings held every Saturday morning. This proved to be the turning point as he journeyed out of his valley with the COR family every Saturday on his knees.

Canon James Wong

When we asked him who in COR has impacted him the most, without a moment of hesitation, Canon James Wong came to Kong Wee’s mind. “He was my pastor for more than 27 years. I benefited greatly from his teachings. Till today, I could still remember many of the things he taught us at the 40-week Bethel Series Course (an overview of the whole Bible) back in 1974.”

Leader in Revival

With his many memories of COR, Kong Wee also held high hopes for the next generation. He recalled how in 2007, Bishop Moses Tay gave a prophecy for COR: “I sense the Lord saying, that I want to make COR a leader in revival. I plan for you, not for evil, but for good that you may know your future and your hope. Do not think of the revival of the past, because I am doing a new thing, that will blow the minds of people. I am going to do a new thing that will supersede all the past and you will rejoice…” Kong Wee truly believes that this prophecy would one day come to pass and that COR will once again be a leader in revival.

“后来的荣耀必大过先前的荣耀” 若是我们继续不断地信靠与顺服主












当被问到谁在复活堂对他最具影响力,他毫无思索地联想到黄锐觉法政牧师。“他是我27年的牧师。我从他的教导中获益不浅。直到今日,我仍然记得他在1974年所开办为期40周的圣经纵览课程(Bethel Series Course)”



This article first appeared in Issue 19, April 2019 CHORUS Magazine.

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