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Leaving A Legacy

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

In his escape of a mundane working life, Vincent left a secure and comfortable job and went on a journey to discover what defines a meaningful career for him.

BY VINCENT NG My story began in 2011 when I left my secure and comfortable engineering job for a shot at recruitment that promised a dynamic sales environment. At the time, it wasn’t money I was seeking but a means to escape the mundanity of working life. The long hours toiling in Tuas didn’t improve my social life nor satisfy my ego. I craved for an opportunity to change my destiny, which came in the form of my college friend in the recruitment field.

Did I pray to God? Like most, I prayed about my decision to switch careers for the first time – transforming myself from a stereotypical engineer to a flashy salesman. There wasn’t a loud voice from heaven or a gentle whisper in my ear, so I simply seized the opportunity.

New beginnings are always exhilarating. I was young then and full of energy. Despite the challenges, I rose to the occasion and accomplished much, proving my doubters wrong. Six years flew by in the blink of an eye. With the experience, I was ready for my next challenge.

I turned to God asking for a sign but again there was silence. Again, I seized the opportunity and ventured into a larger role in another recruitment firm. However, that dream didn’t last. In two months, I was left without a job. At that moment, I felt lost. I prayed but there were no signs directing the lost or misguided. To many of us (including me), work became our identity. If we do not define what work is, work will define us instead.

And so, I went on a search to find some work but this time, I wanted a role that allowed me to impact people in a meaningful way while actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. After much deliberation, I chose financial planning at the age of 38, where most would consider as a very late bloomer. I chose it not as a career, but as a lifestyle where I had the privilege of connecting with people on a deeper level. No longer do I discuss about salary and progression, but about living a meaningful life and leaving behind a legacy.

All of us will eventually leave this earth. The pertinent question is what we choose to leave behind. For me, ever since my service in the Potong Pasir ministry, helping the less fortunate has brought much laughter to people, including me. By God’s grace, I hope to continue my volunteerism while performing my role to assist people in making sound financial decisions.

Vincent is a Financial Consultant in Great Eastern helping his clients achieve their financial goals. In his free time, you will find him in the gym thinking about fried chicken.

Issue 18

This article first appeared in Issue 18, July 2018 CHORUS Magazine.

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